BSP Premium Sand Control Screens utilizing 'Multi-Layer' technology, are designed for Open Hole Completions with or without Gravel Packing. Our screens can be manufactured in various metals and pore sizes to fit customer applications.
Premium Sand Control Screens.
For sand control applications where only the best filtration media is accepted, BSP Premium Sand Control Screens provide the most effective solids filtration in a multi layer mesh screen.
A Woven Mesh, multi layer screen provides great filtration performance than wire mesh screens in unconsolidated formations. This is especially relevant when the requirement is to filter a higher percentage of fines in formations with inconsistant and poorly sorted sands.

1/ Inner Base Pipe
2/ 1st Drainage Layer
3/ Filtration Media
4/ 2nd Drainage Layer
5/ Outer Shroud


1/ Base Pipe - Carbon Steel or High quality Stainless Steel, depending on project requirement.
2/ Drainage Layer - Stainless Steel mesh required to allow inner flow of fluids.
3/ Filtration Media - Stainless Steel, Dutch Weave or Square Weave, in pore sizes from 60 to 250 microns.
4/ Drainage Layer - Stainless Steel mesh required to allow inner flow of fluids.
5/ Outer Shroud - Perforated or Slotted, as required by specifications, in high quality Stainless Steel.

Premium Sand Control Screens can be manufactired to fill customer requirements and specifications.
Simply provide us with your full specifications, and we can complete the task.
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